Rules & Regulations

1. Parents are recommended to stay, but allowed to leave. It is very important to let me know if you are going to leave and come back for your children.
2. Parents must pick children up on time. If you are going to be late, please call and let us know ahead of time. Please understand that if this comes a habit, you will be charged $1 per minute, per child.
3. Children and Parents must always follow the rules of the building.
4. Children must ask permission before leaving the room, even if your parent is present.
5. Be mindful to noise levels. Chess is a game of concentration so please do not disturb your opponent or others in the room. We also have tenants next door and they need a quiet environment.
6. No gum or sticky candy is allowed in the Chess Center.
7. Children and Parents are responsible for keeping the Chess Center clean.
8. Students must respect their peers, adults, and property.
9. Children who cannot go to the bathroom on their own, should never be left without parent supervision.
10. Please ask before taking anything out of the fridge or kitchen.
11. Children must be on their best behavior at all times.
12. Club forms must be completely filled out when arriving. It is very important to let us know all the special needs that your child may have. Keep in mind that this is for their benefit.
13. Nobody is supposed to be standing, or hanging out in the hallway for any reason. Currently this will be enforced on weekdays, but may also be enforced over the weekend too for special occasions.
14. When arriving and leaving, please be sure everyone is quiet and not distracting any other tenants.
15. It is your responsibility to let me know if someone is bothering you so the issue can be resolved.
16. You give consent that photos may be taken and posted on the website or any other social media sites. We will get additional permission if there name will be used.
17. There are no refunds or credits for group lessons, tournaments or any other events held at the chess center.
18. For private lessons, prepayment may be requested. There is a $20 fee for those who do not cancel within 24 hours of the lesson.
19. You will be responsible for all fees if your check bounces.
20. You understand that if I need to use the restroom your children will be left inside the chess center.
21. The pickup procedure is: I will only allow your child to go with whomever drops them off. Please fill out the form with all people that have permission to take your children at anytime. If someone off the list needs to pick them up, you must give written permission. When leaving you must sign your children out.
22. These rules may be modified at anytime with or without notice.
23. For those who do not follow these rules: First time you will receive a warning. Second time your parent will be notified. Time outs may also be given at any time. If this becomes a constant issue then you will be asked not to come back to the chess center and no refunds will be given.


Liability Release

My child’s participation in the program selected is voluntary. I understand that the selected activities may involve accidental injury and hereby voluntarily assume such risks. Knowing these risks, I want my child to participate in this activity. I (on behalf of my child) hereby assume the risk, and hereby waive, release, and discharge The Stormont Kings Chess Program, its officers, and assistants, for any and all claims for damages for personal injuries, or claims for damages to property.  I have read, understand, and agree to these terms.


Photo Release

I consent to The Stormont Kings Chess Program use of any photographs or video recording that are taken of my child while participating in the activity, event, or classes for use in The Stormont Kings Chess Program brochures and program materials that are distributed both as printed document and on the internet including the website and social media.  Your child’s name would never be used in connection with these images without written permission.