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The Fried Liver Attack

Look at this beautiful Knight sacrifice you can play against the Two Knights Defense!

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Puzzle - Double Attack - Black to Move

Black made one move then white resigned, there was nothing he could do.

You must attack white’s weak back rank.

Qc6   White resigned.  Why you ask, good question

If white tries RxQ, then RxB is mate

If white moves Rd1 or Rb1, then black can take the Bishop with check, then mate on g2 with the Queen

Nice, huh

Puzzle - What's the Worst Move for White?

Think really hard.  There is a good lesson with this one.

Create a Stalemate

c8=Q    is a Stalemate.  Black cannot move anywhere.

Puzzle - White Mates in Two Moves

Make sure to think this one through

Look for a sacrifice.

Rxh6.  If gxh6, then Qg8#

If Nh7, then Q or Rxh7#

Puzzle - White to move and black resigns

This was a game with Pal Benko as White, and Bobby Fischer as Black back in 1958

Use your imagination to create a mate in one.  How would you do this?

Bb6…Black resigns.  He will either lose his queen, or get mated with the move Qh6#

Game - The Famous Evergreen Game played in 1852

This is a wonderful classic games with sacrifices and tactics.  A must see game for any chess fan!

Game - Scholar's Mate

This is something a beginner chess player might try against another beginner.  Anyone learning chess must know the possible ways to block this silly mate.

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