One on One Tailored Lessons


It is possible to become a strong player by studying independently complimented by participating in a scholastic private chess lesson. One of the best ways to improve your game is to bring the notation of your tournament games to your chess coach and have them analyze the game with you. To go over the moves of the game and see where your mistakes were and to see how you could have improved is of paramount importance. Depending upon your level, instructors will also help you to develop an opening repertoire, as well as to provide specialized endgame training. Private Lessons are tailored for the individual that would like to learn at his or her pace. We would go over Openings, Middle Games, End Games, Tactics, Positional Play, Puzzles and more.

These can be scheduled seven days a week and you have the flexibly of times per week. Prepaid Packages are available at a discounted rate.

Play and Learn With A Group


Our approach to group lessons is to keep them as individualized as possible.  We accomplish this by allowing players who have similar learning needs to form a group.  We keep the groups small so that there is still significant interaction between each student and the instructor.  Even so, there is some loss of individual attention, but there can also be significant cost savings for the student.  However, costs are not simply divisible by the number of students since there is still individual diagnostic and preparation time, and certainly increased difficulties in simultaneously working with multiple students.

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