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The Stormont Kings Chess Program is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).  Chris Stormont, President and Founder has been teaching chess since 1991.  His Father taught him to play when he was nine years old, and the first chess club he joined was at South Miami Middle School.  From there the coach asked him to play in the chess tournament against West Miami Middle.  He did and tied for first place.

Later on he met this gentleman that was running a chess club on the weekends for children.  This person asked him to run it and asked why not start one on your own?  This is how The Stormont Kings began and it grew to giving lessons, teaching at schools, conducting tournaments and more at several Dade and Broward locations.

He now has his own Chess Center located in Pinecrest, sells chess supplies, holds camps, tournaments, family game nights, lessons and more.  His passion for the game and teaching children is just amazing!  This is a short version of how it all got started.

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“Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for children and families to learn, play, socialize and develop strong relationships that last a lifetime. This gives children and opportunity to reap the many great benefits of chess and spend quality time with family and meet new friends.”


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Safe & Secure Facility
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Open to ADHD / Asbergers / Autism
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Over 25 Years Experience
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Cater to all Age Groups

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