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General Questions

Q - Where does the Chess Club for Kids meet?

A - Our hours vary and we meet at:
8353 SW 124th St
Miami, FL 33156


Q - What is the youngest age you can teach a child how to play chess?

A - Well, that depends on the child. Chris has taught children as young as three years old the basics. Usually a good starting age is 5 or 6. It really depends on their interest in learning.

Q - What book do you recommend for beginners?

A - Chris' first book was Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, which is a very good book for beginners.

Q - Do you teach adults how to play chess?

A - Yes, Chris will teach any age and all ages are welcome at the chess club, we have mainly kids, but adults do come and are always welcome.

Tournament Questions for New People

Q - What is the USCF?

A - The USCF stands for the United States Chess Federation. When you become a member you will receive a Chess Life for Kids magazine, Membership Card, and after the first tournament you will be nationally rated.

Q - Can I watch my child play his/her tournament games?

A - Unfortunately, No, but you are allowed to stay in the practice room to see them between games. This applies to most scholastic events.

Q - Does my child play the next game even if they lose the game?

A - Yes, the children will play all the games regardless of the result. Equal scores will play together.

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